6 Ways to Protect Your Kid from Social Media Dangers

Modern kids regularly apply some kind of online communication. In fact, nowadays about 80% of youth take advantage of social networks, and they share more details and facts about their life as they used to. However, oversharing information poses a lot of risks, such as cyberbullying, online predators, and sexting. Most parents find it quite difficult to monitor their kid’s social media experience. That’s why the proper approach will help parents to show their children how to get the most of social media, and do it wisely.
The following are six pieces of advice that will help your kids stay safe while using social media.

1. Find Out Everything About Social Networks

There is a great number of social media today, so spend time to conduct a research and find as many information as possible about social networks. This way you will understand how different services and platforms work. You can even create a profile and try to use the site to feel yourself how the site works.

Various websites have different risks, so check the main differences between Vine and Whisper, for example. Other popular social media teens use are:

• Twitter
• Facebook
• YouTube
• Tumblr
• Instagram
• Snapchat
• Secret

2. Put Age Limit

A great idea is to restrict using social media till particular age. When making a decision about when you should allow your child to use some platform, remember that most networks require their users to be 13 or older to make a profile. Companies and sites cannot gather personal details about kids who are under 13 without parents’ consent.

3. Discuss the Possible Dangers with Your Kids

Most kids don’t even think about the risks and negative result that come along with social networking sites. Your duty, as a careful parent, to tell your kid how sharing personal details, photos and comments can influence their life. Try to share real examples from life when children were harmed or offended in a result of improper online behavior.

4. Place Computer in an Open Location

Children won’t be involved in improper behavior if they are aware that they are monitored by parents. That’s why keep a computer in an open place in your home rather than in a kid’s bedroom.

5. Set rules

To establish good habits of social media usage in your kid, you need to specify particular rules and guidelines. For instance, you can limit time your kid spends online during a day. You can also spend time together with your children and discuss how to stay safe while using social media.

However, don’t establish too strict rules. Your kid should trust you and never conceal anything from you.

6. Monitor the Privacy Settings of Your Kid

Always control the child’s privacy settings on various platforms. Online networking communities update and change on a regular basis, so check your kid’s account to ensure it is protected.