Apps Saving Time and Nerves of New Moms

apps for new moms

A lot is said about asperities of having a newborn at home. Constant stress, sleep deprivation, feeding, nursing – this list can be continued for eternity. Still we are lucky to have some tools our grandparents had not – and digital devices and apps can save strength and efforts of parents. Many moms admit that they were reading more than ever when they nursed a baby. How did they do it? Here e-books come in handy. You don’t need two hands to turn pages so you can read wen feeding a baby.

Lose weight when baby naps. Not many of us have personal trainers who will help us burn weight gained during pregnancy, but, unfortunately, it won’t disappear by itself. The Nike Training Club iPad changes the situation – you can exercise when your baby sleeps or entertains in a bouncing chair. It has many levels and variations of the exercises so you can choose the one that meets your requirements.

How Apps Can Save Your Time?

Young parents receive many presents and congratulations and that means that you will have to say thank you to all. And you will definitely forget which present came from. Use your smartphone for it. Take a picture of the present and the return address and delete it after the note with gratitude is sent. For example, you can use Cards app for it – snap a picture of the baby with present, write a note and Apple will send a real card with a cursive address.

Walgreens app uploads your photos and prepares them for printing – for grandparents who don’t use email and Instagram.

And new parents appreciate apps like Baby Timer and Total baby, for example, as they are a big help when you need to track the nutrition of your baby, time of sleep, height, weight and immunization.

Often such apps save the day – they offer free overnight shipping on order s over $49 so you won’t end up without diapers in the middle of the night.