Apps That Help Parents and Teachers to Stay in Touch

Recently parents checked websites created by teachers to keep track of their children activities in class. Nowadays the situation changed thanks to the applications created for both teachers and parents for two-way communication. Parents can view the activities of students and give feedback to the teacher when they want. Here is a list of free apps that will help parents to know more about school life of their parents.

1. BuzzMob

It is a private network that needs authorization to see the updates. Teacher is able to make quick updates without using a PC and parents can look them through with help of their devices.

Apps That Help Parents to Stay in Touch

2. Collaborize Classroom

It is a structured online discussion platform where teachers and students can discuss topics, trends and progress of students. Parents also have access to the platform so they can keep track of the academic success of the children.

3. TeacherKit

With help of this app teachers can create individual profiles of the students and include there grades, behavior and even health problems. With help of the app teachers can mail parents directly.

4. The teacher App& grade Book

This app proposes parent messaging, interactive calendar, course grade notifications and event notifications. Parents are able to look through grades, submit absentee letters and review attendance records.

>5. Google Apps for Education

The set of tools (Gmail, Calendar and Drive) enables parents to look through the grades, communicate with teachers about the progress of their children and know the activities of kids on the lessons.