Apps That Make Parents’ Life Easier

useful apps

There are millions of apps in various App stores aimed for hundreds of purposes. And some of them are specially created to make life of parents easier. Here you can find the list of the best of them:

The Baby Owner’s Data Tracker

This app helps new parents to keep track of all needs of a newborn so they won’t miss sleeping and feeding time. Also it will help to record baby’s height and weight.

The Drip Drops

When it comes to the age of 2 parents begin to worry about crayon scribbles or paint spots on the walls. This app will turn your tablet or mobile device into a 3D coloring book - no more mess on the walls.


Working parents usually have not much time for shopping, so this app can come in handy when you will decide to buy new clothes, toys and books for kids. The app proposes up to 90% retail.


Forget about stacks of drawings of your kid – store them digitally at Artkive app, so you will always have a possibility to compile and print it any time you wish.


Sometimes parents are so overwhelmed by the work so they forget about important days of their kid life. Tweekaboo is an app that saves and shares that milestones to your family and friends. It also can create journals for all members of the family, save videos, texts and photos.

Net Nanny

This application monitors the content that is viewed by children and blocks any signs of pornography, gore, nudity and other mature content. Actually speaking, it is a net browser developed specially for kids.

Snap Secure

It is an enhanced GPS tracker that allows parents to know, where are their kids at the moment. With help of Geo-fencing option parents can set certain boundaries and get notifications each time when a child leaves the safe zone.