Browse through the Internet Safely

Before we start, let us figure out, what is cyber safety. It is a safe way of using the Internet, sharing files with friends and relatives and communicating with them. The Internet is a quite fascinating, entertaining and helpful place for minors: with its help it is possible to communicate with old and find new friends, find useful research data for accomplishment of home assignments and learn something new. However, sometimes the Internet can show its dark side and some kids’ actions can have unexpected, really dangerous consequences.

internet safety
Too personal shared photos can end up as a public jokes, revealed personal information can fall into wrong hands and the results can be disastrous.

Cyber Safety Tips

1. Always protect your private information. Never share your mobile phone number or email address, if you do not trust or know the person properly. Look through your profile on the social media – if it contains information about your home address, phone number and your photo – finding you will be simple as ABC.

2. Do not share your passwords. Use only strong passwords that don’t contain your last name, your pet, favorite team or date of birth.

3. When you are going to share a photo, think again. And then think once more. Personal photos can become targets for cyberbullies.

4. Do not chat with strangers. The Internet gives a lot of room for online predators and the anonymity of chat rooms gives them a possibility to pretend to be your peer. If your online friend proposes to meet in real world, ask your parents first. Once again, it can be a 40 years old man, not a 13 years old girl.

5. Do not let the arguments turn into something serious. It is easy to tell something harsh when you don’t see a person, but after that you will regret it.

6. Speaking of the Internet safety cyber bullying is another thing to remember – do not act like one, and if you witness an accident with cyberbullying, do not stay away from the situation – no one deserves to be a victim of bullies online and often the absence of the reaction makes a bully fiercer because he believes in his impunity.