Do Your Children Use Academic Writing Services?

Children are a source of worry for their parents. After gobbling up dozens of parenting books, you’ve realized that, in the end, everything comes down to trial and error. And you’ve tried. You’ve been working long and hard and hoped that your son or daughter would turn out alright. After overhearing a colleague bemoaning their children’s use of – gasp – writing services, you’ve started worrying about your own kid. You read various reports like review and cannot stop wondering whether they are using essay writing mills?

Read the article to find out more about children’s use of academic writing services. Here, you’ll discover the common signs that your son or daughter might be using such services and what to do about it.

What Are Essay Writing Services?

Essay writing services are the kind of contractual assistance rendered by professional academic writers and falling into three broad categories: editing, proofreading, and writing. To order assistance of a professional writer, customers provide them with specific information about an assignment (topic, number of pages, deadline, etc.) and pay a predetermined amount of money. The commercialization of academic help is a widespread phenomenon. According to a recent report, one in seven graduates in the UK has resorted to contractual writing assistance. However, many scholars maintain that the percentage of students admitting to paying for their papers is much lower than what is observed in reality. Despite the regular use of essay writing services by students, they are still legal in the UK, US, Canada, and Australia among other countries.

Should You Be Worried?

The gamut of red flags for the use of essay writing mills ranges from rapidly improving grades to the disappearance of disposable income. Obviously, the possession of a purchased essay or a research paper is a dead giveaway. If you suspect that your son or daughter resorts to the use of professional writing assistance, don’t worry right away. They might be doing so for a number of justifiable reasons. Let’s take a look at the most common motivations behind the use of contractual writing.


Why Students Use Academic Writing Services

The reasons for using professional writing services are as numerous as they are multifaceted:

  • High-pressure learning environments

Students these days are under high pressure to perform. In some particularly competitive colleges, there seems to be no room for anything less than 100% success. The pernicious academic culture forces many students to seek external assistance. For every superstar finishing the achievement race without external help, there are dozens of regular kids who have benefited from writing services. If you expect nothing short of A-level achievement from your kid, don’t be surprised to find out that they use professional writing assistance sometimes.

  • Immense stress

The culture of overachievement is inevitably accompanied by an inordinate amount of stress students experience in college. A recent study indicates that overstressed learners suffer from cortisol (stress hormone) spikes that lead to poor academic performance. It follows that after experiencing a stress-inducing academic setback such as a poor grade, some students won’t be able to move forward without some assistance. Thus, the use of essay writing services can be considered a coping mechanism that helps stressed students recover from declining grades.

  • Perfectionism

Students manifesting perfectionistic traits are regular customers of essay writing services. Having excessively high standards for their performance, such students don’t want to settle for suboptimal results. Therefore, they often order proofreading or editing services. The use of such services allows achieving the top-notch quality of writing. Having once witnessed the worth of professional editing/proofreading, many students are unwilling to submit their papers without asking an expert to check them first.

  • Chronic laziness

While other reasons for using contractual writing are somewhat justifiable, this one is certainly not. Laziness should neither be encouraged nor tolerated. The habitual shirking of one’s academic duties is a nasty affliction fraught with long-term consequences. For one thing, a student who completely delegates their college assignments won’t learn anything; for another, they might develop the chronic avoidance of responsibility. In such cases, a thoughtful parent should consider an intervention.

What You Should Do

Once you have noticed that your child’s grades have inexplicably spiked, have a talk with them. They need to know that the use of academic writing services is an ethically dubious activity: students shouldn’t buy someone’s work and claim it as their own. Tell them that there are morally-permissible ways to utilize such services and indicate that you strongly disapprove of cheating. Let your son or daughter know that writing services are excellent learning tools, which, if used wisely, can yield great academic results. Specifically, by ordering an essay on an assigned topic, your child could have a point of departure for their own work. They could also have an opportunity to compare their own essay to the professionally-written one.

Do not panic if your child uses academic writing assistance. Instead, try to understand the reasons for this behavior and think of ways to lighten their academic burden.