How to Teach Life Skills to Your Kids with Help of Technologies?

There is no possibility to check the activities of children around the clock. Still any parent would like to be sure that the children constantly learn something new, important and useful for them – without risks and perils of online world, mind that. Parental control software is the most efficient way to make sure that your child uses the online possibilities in the best possible way. These resources will help you to teach your child strong motivation and values in children:

How to teach children to clean the room without complaints?

kids and technology
Doing chores is a preparation of a child for more important tasks. In the past cash rewards or sticker chore charts worked well as a motivation for children. Today apps come to the rescue.

Chore Monster
Parents decide what type of chore to assign to each kid and how many points each chore costs. What is essential here, the points won’t be scored until you will check the completion of the task. Also parents have a possibility to select certain rewards to every child that they can use achieving certain amount of points.
Children can access the app separately from you, see the tasks and proposed prizes.

You Rule: A Game of Chores
Children select a character representing them and make a competition – who will complete the weekly set of chores first. Parents can use this app as an organizer of chores in large families as they can see what are the duties of every family member. Parents can assign tasks every week or every two weeks and only parents can prove that the chore was completed. The competitive nature of the app will be duly appreciated by kids who love it.

How to get kids out of the house?

Sky Guide
The app works in offline mode and all you have to do is to get out of the house and point the camera to the sky and the app will find and name the stars and constellations.

How to develop educational skills?

It is a perfect way to teach programming skills through development of the design and creation of games and animation.