Involve Technologies in Parenting

involve Technologies in Parenting

One of the biggest problems of the nowadays parenting is that parents don’t know the technologies their children are actively using. And it turns out that understanding and ability to use the same technologies that kids use are essential for parents. Here you can find some of them.

Technology Tips for Parents


1. Observe and learn. It is true that parents teach kids in many life spheres, however, when it comes to technologies, they exchange the roles. Children are more tech-savvy than parents as they learn more quickly. Recent researches of the Journal of Communication showed that more than 30% of parents asked their kids for help when learning how to use PC and social media.

2. Share online hangouts with your kids. Consider creating of your own accounts on social media sites. Ask your kid to help you and propose to befriend each other – after all, thanks to you your child has an access to the Internet.

3. Supplement safe connection to the Internet. Check the privacy settings of the social media account and talk to kids about what information they should never share. Personal information should remain personal, as well as info about other people.

4. Explain your kids how to behave online and how to react on suspicious messages and files. Your kids should have confidence that they will be supported by you no matter what happens. Warn them about online predators and cyberbullying.

5. Limit the usage of the web-connected devices at home. For example, the screen of family PC should be always visible to you. Limit of time spent in the social media will improve the sleep of kids.

6. Always know what is going on online. Ask questions, keep track of children’s activities online, set trust-based connections and warn children in case if you are going to use remote monitoring software.

7. Look through the information concerning trends in technologies – be prepared for changes.