Must Haves of Cautious Parents

Anything can happen in our life and it is better to be prepared for unusual situation rather than panic and spread havoc. These apps will give you peace to mind and help in case of need.

iEmergency ICE Family Pro

The idea of the app is to put all necessary information concerning health condition, personal doctor’s contact details, health insurance and hospital affiliation in one easily accessible place. This app also stores information about allergies and prescriptions of each member of the family. The app costs $2.99 and is available on iOS.

Must Haves of Cautious Parents

FBI Child ID

This application was created by Federal Bureau of Investigation: it includes safety tips, checklists of what actions are to be made when something happens to your child. The app stores photo and identification details of the child (height, weight etc) that will be used if a child ever goes missing. This app is free for iPhone and iPad users.

Sex Offenders Search

Check your possible neighborhood before moving in. The app activates GPS and connects to the National Sex Offender Registry and if there any, you will see them on the interactive map. The app works on iOS and Android platform and it is free to you.

Find My Kids – Footprints

It is a GPS tracker that locates the target device online. Now you wil rest assured that your kid is exactly where he has to be. This app is free to download, however, it is necessary to pay for the tracking feature.


Good parental control app with set of useful features like Youtube filtering, website category blocking, timers of PC usage, phrases blocking. There are several levels of blocking considering age of the child.