Parents with Facebook Profiles Have Better relationship with Grown-Up Children

Pallid statistics say that parents who use more communicational channels than phone calls only, have better relationship with their adult children. According to the research conducted by scientists of the University of Kansas the more communicational tools each party is willing to use, the better is the quality of communication between them.

Nowadays many parents are not as tech savvy as their children and they do not see the point of using new technologies to connect with their children. Some of them simply do not know how to use these tools properly. However, the study made by communication studies doctoral student Jennifer Schon, shows that with little efforts from parents’ side the relationship with children will only improve.

One of the biggest issues of communication between parents and grown-up children is that their schedules vary greatly so there are less possibilities to speak with each other as two of them have to be free and near the phone at the same time.

parents with facebook

How Facebook Influence on Communication With Children

The researcher interviewed 367 people aged 18 – 29 about their ways of communication with parents (proposed variants were cell phones, land line phones, texting, instant messaging, social media, email, Snapchat, video calls), how many times did they use every method and what is the level of their relationship with parents.

It turned out that respondents whose parents use more than three methods of communications value the level of relationship better. As a result, one of the ways to try to improve the relationship between parents and children is to search for additional means of communication.

More than that, when parents make brief and frequent points of contact, they enhance the communication even more, as they show their grownups that they value their connection and think about them.