Securing Online Activities of Your Kid

digital parenting

At first sight, the Internet is an ideal playground filled with interesting stuff that is entertaining and educational.
However, if to look more attentively, the Internet reveals its dark side:

• Inappropriate websites. Gambling, porn, promoting drugs or weapon – all these sites are not the best place for children.
• Stranger danger. Kids can communicate with unknown people, receive messages or emails from unknown contacts, and such communication can lead to meetings in reality and no one knows how they will end.
• Kids can share too much personal information on the social media.
• Too much time dedicated to the Internet harms physical condition and ability to think clearly.
• Cyberbullying. One of the frightening realities of the Internet today – more than 90% of all teens using the Internet become involved or witness the cyberbullying accidents. Terrifying statistics, isn’t it?

You can’t protect kids from Internet by prohibiting the access to it. It is your responsibility to stay on guard of your kid’s browsing and monitor all activities. More than that, it is essential to teach kids how to behave online like we teach them how to behave in the real world.

Additional Internet security protection calls for the installation of parental control apps that will help you to monitor and manage kid’s usage of the Internet.
Usually parents install apps that block access to unwanted websites, limit the time spent in the Internet and select the period of time when it is OK for kid to stay online.
Among the apps of this kind we can name AVG Family Safety, Bsecure Online v6.16, Pumpic app, McAfee Family Protection 2.0 and Safe Eyes 6.0 – these apps meet and exceed parents’ expectations connected with parental controls.

Hardware-based Internet protection

There are not so many tools that work in hardware environment. You can try Netgear Live Parental Controls in case if you have Netgear router or iBoss Home Parental Control Router/Firewall that replaces your router and sets blocks on the selected categories of websites. This kind of protection works well with blocking and limiting of the access, though it cannot monitor all online activities.

Mobile Internet protection for kids

Parents can select from wide variety of apps like Norton Online Family To Go Beta, Mobicip or eBlaster Mobile for Android to monitor and manage activities of the kid, including non-Internet related. For example, with their help it is possible to look through incoming and outgoing calls, messages and track GPS location of the target device.