Young Parents & Social Media: Happy Medium

social media life

Accounts and activities on the social media are an inevitable part of the life of any young parent. Your life was enlightened by your Facebook posts, tweets, Instagram photos but with the appearance of mini-you in your life some changes may occur. Thoughtful parents start to ask certain questions like, “Is it safe to share baby images with others? How to save the memory of the precious moments without becoming a public fare?”

Tips how to make your social media life more secured.

1. Consider privacy settings when sharing baby photos. There are too many possibilities to use a photo in a wrong way. Do not give a chance to trolls, haters or enviers to harm you or your baby. Change privacy settings so only the nearest and dearest have an access to your images. You can limit the right to view your photos to those people who are unfamiliar to you on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat. Or you can choose more secured photo-sharing platform like Flickr that offers a possibility to select an auditory for sharing images.
2. Do not trust everything in the Internet. Parents of a newborn often panic and search for advice everywhere. Social media is one of the obvious places. However, when it is about your child’s health you should not discuss it in Facebook or Twitter. You have no idea how many unprofessional, unnecessary or even dangerous recommendations you may receive.
3. Think of what you are sharing. There is a new notion called over-sharing – when a parent shares too much pictures and facts about a baby. Let your personal be personal.
4. Do not create accounts from your baby’s name. There are several reasons: you cannot predict a reaction of your preteen when she sees her pictures as a toddler on the potty on Facebook. Besides, social media platforms prohibit the creation of accounts for users under 13 as all digital data collected from the account is used for marketing purposes. You may include there photos that your child can distinguish as embarrassing. So, do not destroy your future relationship with your grown-up children.
5. Group your friends on Facebook to decide what photos and news you will share with them. There is always a place for envy or jealousy when someone looks through the pictures of people who seem more successful than they are. Notice that as a young parent you are more vulnerable and any negative response may be stressful to you.
6. There are special platforms where you always can get support: Circle of Moms, a great site that unites parents according to their interests, Café Mom, Work It, Mom, a site for working mothers filled with prompts and support. BabyCenter is a website where all families are grouped together according to their lifestyles. Good news for fathers: there is a bunch of sites for you like Fatherly and New Dads Survival Guide.
7. How to save memories? There are traditional ways like printed photos, of course, but parents also take an advantage of digital technologies: you can create an email account under your baby’s name and send messages, photos and videos there – so when she is a grown-up already to get her own email, she will get it full of your wishes and warm memories. Also, you can use one of the scrapbooking sites to collect photos and memories. And there are plenty of private social networks. You can use them to share photos and videos to a small group of people securely.